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2014 Events

Maria talking about children's work in 2014

School in the shade

Barber Surgeon Display

Barber Surgeon Display

learning to stave


Boiling the laundry


Spring has sprung!

Spring has sprung!


Dying textiles at Fort Defiance

Meeting in a field

A word

Militia cooking

Militia cooking


Spin demonstration

2013 Oyster Roast

Fort Defiance Oyster Roast

Volunteer Nathan discusses settlement with school students in 2015

Western Settlement

Gary and

Kids and an Ox







2015 Events

Volunteer Roberts teacher 18th Century dance

2015 School Days dance

Erin Tide performed at the 2015 Colonial Christmas

Erin Tide

Volunteer Berle shows students how to write with a quill

Make your mark

Weft, warp, weave!

Chris talks about textiles

The clothes were this big!

Master bedroom

Fort Defiance back door wreath decorated for Chirstmas

Colonial Christmas

19th Century Program in 2015

Fire by section Platoon Drill

Volunteer Kim demonstrated how to card wool

Carding wool

Volunteer Nathan and school group

Who will?

Volunteer Carrie talking about food ways at Fort Defiance


Textile production on July 4, 2015


Childrens life at the fort


Learning manners and decorum

Dinner discussion

Etouffee and Gumbo!

Etouffee and Gumbo!

Big Bill Morganfield and Executive Director Becky Phillips

Big Bill Morganfield at the Fort

Big Bill Morganfield on stage

I am a man!